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Web Mountain Technologies is the UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) company that makes lighting control, energy management and home automation affordable for everyone. As one of the first residential licensees of the Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) protocol, we have been providing comfort, convenience, security and savings to home owners since 2004. UPB is the gateway to the comfort and convenience of lighting control, the security of home automation and the savings offered by active energy management. Now offering Gen2 UPB modules for increased resistance to powerline noise, we have helped thousands of home owners realize the benefits offered by simple and effective lighting control, home automation and energy management implementations.

Some people still question the value of lighting control (but then many people used to be sure the sun revolved around the earth). Here is a simple quiz to determine if you’re ready for the comfort, convenience, security and savings offered by lighting control, home automation and energy management powered by UPB from Web Mountain. If you answer “False” to any of these statements, you’re an excellent candidate for UPB products from Web Mountain:

  • I prefer to open my garage door manually rather than using the garage door opener
  • I prefer to change channels by getting off the couch and walking to the TV rather than using a remote control
  • I would rather have a car with manual hand cranked windows instead of motorized ones.

Welcome to the convenience of your new UPB-powered home!

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Basement Lighting
Basement light control. If your kids (or aliens from another planet) keep leaving the basement lights on, turn them off easily, or even automatically, with UPB. Read the whole story…
Secure Entry
Secure entry. Are you worried about a family member coming home late at night to a dark house? Set up a secure entry system with UPB. Read the whole story…
Save Energy
Energy savings. Reduce your lighting use by 25% very easily with UPB. Read the whole story…
Bathroom Control
Bathroom fan timer. With UPB, you can configure bathroom fans to let them continue doing their work even after you’ve finished yours. Read the whole story…
RUC Controller
Web Mountainís RUC-01. Run UPStart remotely, set up scheduled events, send email alerts, use cheap touch screens and smart phones to control UPB, Zwave, X10 and Insteon. Read the whole story…
Bedside Control
Bedside control. UPB makes it easy to turn any or all lights off or on without getting out of bed. Read the whole story…
Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting. Use UPB controlled outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty and security of your home. Read the whole story…
Garage Door Monitor
Garage door monitor. With UPB you can be alerted anytime your garage door is open. Don’t let a careless mistake cost you some of your most prized possessions. Read the whole story…
UPB Timer
Web Mountain’s TIM-01. The world’s most advanced UPB timer/scheduler/count down timer. Read the whole story…



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