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RUC Firmware Updating

In order to determine what firmware version you should update to, before doing the update, please log in to your RUC and go to the Home Page.  On the Home Page, look for the current firmware version, shown as FW Version in the text box in the middle of the web page. Example shown below (3.20.28):

If your FW Version starts with 2 or 3, the latest firmware version you can update to is version 3.20.33.  Do not try to download the Version 4 firmware as your board will require a hardware modification in order to run version 4 firmware.  At the current time, we do not recommend updating earlier hardware to allow running Version 4 firmware, as there have not been enough enhancements made yet to justify it.   We’ll update this information as additional enhancements are added in Version 4.  To download the latest Firmware update click on this link, Ruc_Updater_R320V33.zip

If your firmware version is Version 4.00.xx or higher, then you will need to use a version 4 firmware update.  DO NOT USE the above V3 firmware update as it will not run properly on V4 hardware.  To download the latest Firmware update click on this link, RUC_Updater_R400V21.zip

If you have any questions about what firmware your RUC is running, contact Web Mountain Tech Support at 303-627-1856 or info@webmtn.com.



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