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Control Your UPB Devices using Amazon Alexa Voice Commands!

The RUC-02 Remote Universal Controller is the updated, second generation of our popular RUC-01 controller (the RUC-01 is now obsolete - for details on the RUC-01, click here). Control your home from anywhere in the world, using your smart phone or any other browser device. Use inexpensive touch screens in your home to manage any UPB or network controlled components.

The RUC-02 provides the following capabilities:

- Run Upstart over your local area network or over the Internet remotely. Installers no longer need to do a truck roll to make a minor change to a customers UPB network. Users can run Upstart without a PIM connected to their PC locally.

- Run time based programs and events (just like you can with our industry leading TIM-01 UPB timer). Make your house look lived in when you're away.

- The RUC-02 uses an internet time server to maintain accurate time, maintains the current date, automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time and leap years, and controls events based on local sunrise and sunset times.

- Utilizes flash memory to ensure the correct operation of all functions after power outages.

- Use the RUC-02 as an email originator. Set up various triggering links that will cause the RUC-02 to send an email to you (or your customer) to inform you of problems or issues that need to be addressed.

- All programming is done from user friendly, web based screens. Various networking options are provided including DHCP or fixed IP addressing and remote access that doesn't require the use of port forwarding.

- Use the browser on your iPhone, iPad, Android and other computing devices or use apps intended for Android, iOS, or other mobile device to control your UPB network.

- AND, in addition, the RUC-02 can be used with Amazon Echo devices for Alexa voice control.

UPStart is and will always be the state of the art for the UPB universe. Any other remote access device will have to replicate all of your UPStart setup, management, trouble-shooting and diagnostic capabilities. Every time a new UPB product hits the market, new features are added to an existing product or new diagnostic capabilities are invented, any competing remote access server will have to be updated accordingly. Not so with the RUC-02. Just run the latest version of UPStart on your local PC and you will be able to apply new UPStart features to any customer site that has a RUC-02 installed.

To purchase the RUC-02, contact us at sales@webmtn.com.


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Quick Install Guide Basic information to get your RUC-02 set up.
User Guide Complete description of all RUC-02 functions.
Contact us for instructions about updating your RUC-02 Software.
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RUC-02 Data Sheet RUC-02 Specifications.
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RUC2 & Expert Alexa Features - Echo Flex Motion Detector and Geofencing.pdf

Quick Install Guide.pdf

RUC-02 User Guide.pdf


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