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PPC-1 UPB Phase Coupler Product Details
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Rarely required, but when it is desired to improve signal strength of the UPB signal in a home, the PPC-1 phase coupler bridges signals across phases of the home, thereby improving signal strength on the second phase.



Easy to install, this device improves signal strength performance of the UPB signal throughout the home. This device is rarely required, and typically only in much larger homes. This device will improve performance in a home where the user sees unreliable reception of signals.

The Phase Coupler uses Universal Powerline Bus technology for superior performance and reliability.


  • Easy to install - just install in a single electrical box for the PPC-1.
  • Lost cost.
  • Improves signal strength throughout a home.
  • Specification

    See datasheet.


    Install as close to the electrical circuit breaker box as possible. The unit installs in a single electrical box. The unit requires connecting to the neutral and the line for both phases in the home (a 230 V circuit). Typically, this circuit will tie to two circuit breakers.


    Two years.



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