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CM-01 Combo Input Output module Product Details
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The CM-01 Combination Input Output module provides two contact closure outputs, and the ability to detect three contact closures or voltage signals.



This combination unit allows the user to either provide two circuits of contact closures to control devices such as fireplaces that need contact closures to activate, or to detect or sense three input contact closures or voltage senses for the purpose of determining status, such as a door open alarm.

The CM-01 uses Universal Powerline Bus technology for superior performance and reliability.


  • Using the ultra high reliability of UPB technology, this unit combines multiple functions into one unit for an extremely cost efficient solution to providing your needs for contact closures, or sensing contact closures.
  • Specification

    See datasheet.


    The CM-01 module plugs into an existing outlet to interface to the UPB powerline network. Then, wires are attached using the 16 pin Dinkle connector on the bottom of the unit for the various functions. For example, pins 1 - 4 are using for providing contact closures. See the datasheet for more details.


    Two years.



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