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LM-01 UPB GEN II Plug-in Lamp Module Product Details
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The LM-01 UPB GEN II Plug-in Lamp Module provides lighting control throughout the home and enables dimming as well as remote control to those lamps.



The LM-01 UPB GEN II Plug-in Lamp Module provides lamp control throughout the home and enables a dimming capability to those lamps.

The lamp module plugs into a standard AC outlet and a lamp is plugged into the controlled outlet at the bottom of the module. The lamp can be manually controlled through the use of a wall-mounted, multi-button controller unit to act as a conventional lamp dimmer. When connected to the Web Mountain NetPlace server, the module can be controlled manually, remotely, or by the time/event programming within the server.

The physical design of the lamp module provides optimum flexibility by the use of a pass-through electrical plug with a non-controlled outlet on its face, resulting in no loss of outlet availability for other household appliances and electrical devices.

The key to the lamp module's function is the Universal Powerline Bus technology for communication applications. Use of standard electrical wiring for communication transmission is possible due to lower noise levels, stronger signal strength and improved reliability surpassing technologies such as X-10, CeBus and others. UPB technology also allows enough individually addressable devices to control the largest residential environment usually without the need for phase coupling and without affecting or being affected by adjacent home environments.


  • Stronger signal strength than X-10
  • Increased electrical noise resistance than X-10
  • Utilizes existing electrical wiring
  • Cost effective
  • The LM-01 uses GEN II Universal Powerline Bus technology for superior performance and reliability.
  • Specification

    See attached data sheet


    Installation is extremely simple - merely plug into an existing AC outlet, then plug the lamp to be controlled into in the outlet on the bottom of the module. There is a pass through outlet located on the face of the unit so that the user does not lose an outlet.


    2 years.



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