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OUT-01 UPB GEN II Controlled Receptacle Product Details
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The WMT OUT-01 UPB GEN II Controlled Receptacle is intended to replace a conventional dual wall mounted receptacle for the control of lightng and appliances.



The OUT-01 UPB GEN II Controlled Receptacle is used to replace standard wall mounted dual receptacles and provide control of appliances and lights as well as remote control capabilities of the controlled outlet.

The bottom outlet is constantly hot, while the top outlet is controlled via UPB.

The controlled receptacle mounts in a standard wall electrical box, and is wired using the existing power wires. The receptacle is in standard Decora style mechanics and uses standard Decora style faceplates.

The outlet is extremely flexible, and can be programmed using the NetPlace server for insertion into up to 16 different scenes, and insertion into multiple macros.


  • This outlet can replace a standard dual receptacle, and provide various home automation features. Then, the outlet offers the standard UPB benefits:
  • - Stronger signal strength than X-10
  • - Increased electrical noise resistance than X-10
  • - Utilizes existing electrical wiring
  • - Cost effective
  • The OUT-01 uses GEN II Universal Powerline Bus technology for superior performance and reliability.
  • Specification

    See attached data sheet


    Installation is extremely simple. Merely replace the existing duplex receptacle with the new OUT-01 Controlled Receptacle. The outlet does require the use of the white neutral wire.

    Aluminum screws - neutral
    Brass screw (only connect to lower brass screw) - power
    White / Brown - traveler
    White / red - traveler


    Two year warranty



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