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RUC-02 Remote UPB Controller Product Details

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Run UPStart remotely, use cheap touch panels, set up scheduled events, enable count down timers, send email alerts and more.



The RUC-02 Remote UPB Controller is the most advanced remote UPB setup, management and trouble-shooting appliance on the market today. The RUC-02 enables you to run UPStart from your desktop so you can manage, setup, change and trouble-shoot the UPB network at your house or your customer’s home.

UPStart is and will always be the state of the art for the UPB universe. Any other “remote access” device will have to replicate all of UPStart’s setup, management, trouble-shooting and diagnostic capabilities. Every time a new UPB product hits the market, new features are added to an existing product or new diagnostic capabilities (like the recent device-to-device communication test) are invented, any competing remote access server will have to be updated accordingly. Not so with the RUC-01. Just run the latest version of UPStart on your local PC and you will be able to apply new UPStart features to any customer site that has a RUC-01 installed.

The RUC-02 implements all of the functionality of our industry-leading TIM-01 timer, so you can use this same device for outdoor lighting, Christmas lighting, making your house look lived in while you are away etc.

The RUC-02 maintains the current date, it automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and leap year, it can control events based on local sunset and sunrise and it utilizes flash memory to insure the correct operation of all functions after power outages.

The RUC-02 can also be used as an email originator. Set up various triggering links that will cause the RUC-01 to send an email to you (or your customer) to inform you of problems or issues that need to be addressed.

All programming is done from user friendly, web based screens. Various networking options are provided including DHCP or fixed IP addressing, and provide extremely simple remote access without the need for port forwarding or dynamic dns services.

Use the browser on your PC or apps on your iPhone, iTouch, IPad or android devices to control your UPB network.


  • Run Upstart over a LAN or the Internet
  • Internal webserver—all programming done from a browser
  • Trouble-shoot remotely
  • Change or add scenes remotely
  • Originate emails to alert owner or installer of exceptional conditions
  • Turn any UPB device into a count-down (delay) timer
  • Specification

    See attached data sheet.


    The product ships with a detailed Quick Start Guide and is supported with an online user's guide. Most installations are straight-forward: connect to a wired LAN, connect the included SPIM-01 to COM1, plug in the power cable and use your browser to go to wmtruc to continue web-based setup.


    One year.



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