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Basement Lights OFF

n Save energy ó turn off unnecessary lights to save your energy as well as valuable natural resources

n Easily installed using:

l 1 tabletop controller

l One or more controlled lights

l Intelligent controller (optional)

l 1 Computer interface module (optional)

DO YOUR KIDS drive you crazy by leaving basement (or other) lights on even when the basement is no longer in use?

Use a convenient tabletop controller along with light switches and/or lamp modules to take control of untended lights.

Your tabletop (or wall mount) controller can show you when any lights in certain rooms are on.If you know the room is no longer in use, click the appropriate button on the multi-button controller to turn all lights in that room off.

No need to be frustrated when other family members arenít as conscious of wasteful lighting as you areótake control yourself without getting out of bed!

With an intelligent controller, such as the Web Mountain NetPlace
server, you could automatically turn all lights off late at night when itís certain those lights are no longer needed.

Turn off lights your kids (or spouse) leave on.

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